5 Steps to Calming Your Dog in a Thunderstorm

While rain and thunder may be a welcome sounds to us humans, our dogs usually don’t feel the same about severe weather. I’m with you, I like the rain! I like to listen to the sound of it! Heck, I even will put on a recording of a thunderstorm if I can’t fall asleep or if I can’t focus on work! Our furry friends aren’t usually as fond of thunder and lightening as we are.

So how do you stop your pup or your cat from freaking out when the rainy season comes? I have plenty of experience I can share, so here’s a few steps I’ve come up with to helping your pets with freaking out when it thunders.

  1. Don’t freak out yourself!
    Sometimes it takes a second for people to realize why their animals are so angsty. Some animals sense when the weather is about to change and they start acting restless. If you feel calm and at peace when it comes to the thunder, you might not put two and two together quickly enough to realize what’s going on with your pet. Don’t worry, odds are Fido isn’t sick. They’re probably just scared!
  2. Create a Safe Place
    One of the things that freak out animals the most is the sound, but the sights of the rain also can cause them to be uneasy. If you can, block the sight of the storm. Draw the curtains and shut the blinds. And obviously, don’t bring your dog outside.
    Another thing you can do is create a little pillow fort of sorts for your pup. Make a little hut for your dog to hide out in during the storm. They’ll feel safe and cozy in there.
  3. Swaddle the baby
    Another way you can comfort your dog is by swaddling them. Yes, like a baby. Similarly to how you felt safe and secure after your parents tucked you in at night, your dog will feel safe wrapped in a warm heavy blanket.
    You can also invest in a weighted blanket (for both you and your dog!) or a thunder vest for your dog. This will make your dog feel comfortable.
  4. Play a game 
    Distract your dog from what’s keeping him scared! All you need is their favorite toy and some serious enthusiasm.
    Remember, your dog can feel anxiety so make sure you stay calm and happy.
  5. Medication
    If your dog seriously freaks out during storms you may need to talk to your vet. While I always aim for medicinal remedies, sometimes it may be in both your and your dog’s best interest to choose meds over suffering through it (especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of storms!).