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Are you tired of feeling guilty when you leave your dog each morning, knowing it's going to be at least 9 hours before he gets outside again?


Maybe you're sick of racing home at lunch to make sure your puppy gets a potty break?


Or are you anxious about what minor destruction your canine companion will wreak on your shoes while you're gone?


Relax, you're not a bad pet-parent.  You can honestly find a way to provide your dog's daily exercise and entertainment needs.




You probably know that a healthy dog is a happy dog. And a well-exercised dog is healthier than a lethargic one. No matter the breed, all dogs need some form of regular daily exercise and training reinforcement. Generally they need more than their owners' busy lifestyles can provide during the work week. Just like humans, dogs need to maintain an active lifestyle to keep their joints, organs and skin in top condition. But like most of your dog-loving neighbors, you don't have the time to walk your dog three or more times each day to ensure that he's getting enough exercise.


The result is a bored dog. Bored dogs are more prone to behavior issues like chewing (themselves or your very favorite NineWest or Cole Hahn shoes), anxiety disorders, and even depression. You can have an active but not anxious dog who is happy to see you when you get home.


I'm Peggie Arvidson, owner of Peggie's Pet Services, and since 2003 I've worked with hundreds of your colleagues and neighbors to help create activity and exercise plans that suit the needs of their canine companions. Whether you're a lawyer, doctor, RN, non-profit or government executive, or active duty military personnel — if you've got a dog you love who is not getting enough exercise, attention or potty breaks each day, I've got a plan to help you!


How can I help you?


1) Get my FREE newsletter, "The Care of Pets." It arrives in your email box each month with tips and hints for maintaining the health and well-being of your pets. Included are recipes for healthy snacks for you and your pets, reviews of local pet-friendly establishments as well as any timely topics related to travel with your pet or the newest accessories.


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2) Set up an in-home consultation where together we'll review your care or behavior issues. I'll provide you with resources and if necessary, contact information, for service providers that can help with everything from aggression to poor diet. If your life is changing and you want to prepare your dog for the transition, we'll address those issues.


Can Peggie's Pet Services really help your dog relax, giving you the freedom to work guilt-free, even if you have to stay late? Absolutely. Not sure yet? Click here
to get your free copy of my booklet, "How to Maintain Your Love Affair with Your Dog."

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